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Where do you give tennis lessons, and are you available for private lessons on private courts?
JoviCa Milo is affiliated with Jimmy Evret Tennis Center, Holiday Park, Fort Lauderdale, FL - Private, Semi-private, and Group Tennis Instruction.

Yes JoviCa Milo is available for private tennis instruction on private courts.

What is Biometrics?
Biomechanics in sport incorporates a detailed analysis of sport movements in order to minimise the risk of injury and improve sports performance. Human movement performance can be enhanced in many ways as effective movement encompasses anatomical factors, neuromuscular skills, physiological capacities and psychological/cognitive abilities. Biomechanics is essentially the science of movement technique and as such tends to be most utilised in sports where technique is a dominant factor rather than physical structure or physiological capacities. The following are some of the areas where biomechanics is applied, to either support the performance of athletes or solve issues in sport or exercise:
  • The identification of optimal technique for enhancing sports performance
  • The analysis of body loading to determine the safest method for performing a particular sport or exercise task
  • The assessment of muscular recruitment and loading
  • The analysis of sport and exercise equipment e.g., shoes, surfaces and rackets
  • Biomechanics is utilised to attempt to either enhance performance or reduce the injury risk in the sport and exercise tasks examined
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OK, so how does biometrics help me in tennis?
Tennis biomechanics is a very complex task. Consider hitting a tennis ball. First, the athlete needs to see the ball coming off their opponent's racket. Then, in order, they have to judge the speed, spin, trajectory and, most importantly, the direction of the tennis ball. The player then needs to adjust their body position quickly to move around the ball. As the player prepares to hit the ball the body is in motion, the ball is moving both in a linear and rotation direction if there is spin on the ball, and the racquet is also in motion. The player must coordinate all these movements in approximately a half a second so they strike the ball as close to the center of the racket in order to produce the desired spin, speed and direction for return of the ball. A mistake in any of these movements can create an error.
ref: physio-pedia.com

Do you offer tennis facility management services outside of Southeast Florida?
Yes. It is our policy not to charge a fee for the initial facility analysis, however travel and travel expenses are billed.